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The world is becoming a hotbed for tech based innovations. In today’s business climate, your overall business strategy defines your overall success. How you manage your company day to day will directly affect the potential for growth. Golden Legand Leasing and Finance Ltd. is here to help you reach your ultimate business goals by offering creative business solutions allowing you the resources to grow your business.

Success is the amalgamation of joint efforts of people and organizations that share a common vision and commitment. The collation between you and Golden Legand will help you reach success through combined resources, talents and skills of many individuals focused on a singular goal. We redefine teamwork. Even with its numerous benefits, many companies choose to overlook leasing as a viable option because they believe it does not make good financial sense, it is too time consuming or just too complicated. Our role at Golden Legand is to work within your system to make financing and incubation a realistic, cost saving and simple alternative to help your venture achieve its dreams.

Your needs may be limitless, but not for Golden Legand as we stand prepared to exceed your expectations. Golden Legend endeavours to help you succeed and finding the perfect solution for your business.


Golden Legand's Seasoned Management Team has decades of experience and key industry relationships that enable us to offer additional flexibility in terms of specific client requirements for growth purposes.

Divya Singh

Managing Director

Lalit Singh

Independent Director

Pradyuman Vaghasiya

Whole-time Director


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Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers,
Dalal Street, Mumbai- 400 001
Current Stock Price : Link of BSE
GOLDLEG / 509024