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Agricultue Projects

The role of Agricultural Finance in present-day cannot be underplayed! If you are unaware of what agricultural finance is and the features of agriculture finance, it is where various organizations dedicate their financial support to off-farm, as well as on-farm businesses and agricultural activities – these include the likes of production, processing, input provision, marketing and distribution. Small Farmers And Farming Finance Surveys of small farmers indicate that less than 1 in 10 small farmers can be eligible for a commercial loan from a bank or from some other kind of financial organization. Clearly, there are many problems of agricultural financing. But, there are various kinds of financial organizations that exist today that are present in developing countries, in the rural areas. Yet, the problem with these financial organizations is that small farmers have absolutely no access to them or if they do, their access is limited. Because of this, small farmers are unable to avail of financial credit and so they have to make use of restricted farming practices, which result in low levels of productivity.

Green House Financing

There are many advantages to Green Houses, such as being able to produce ‘off season’ vegetables, almost anytime of the year. Crops are dependent on weather conditions. But with Green Houses, it is not the case, as the weather conditions can be controlled in the Green House, thus not affecting the crop. In a Green House, you can control what comes in, meaning you can prevent rabbits, rodents, etc., from coming in. With Green Houses, you can increase your yield by as much as 10-15%. The bottom line is that if you really want to succeed in farming, a Green House is just what you need. When a Green House is planned carefully and then built in the right way and properly maintained thereafter, it offers great potential for creating increased revenues, as well as a means of saving. As is clearly seen, the Green House Project Advantages To The Society are many! The good news is that if you are seeking finance for your Green House, you have just found it. We are Golden Legand Leasing and Finance Ltd., and we are a leading name when it comes to Green House Financing.