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Indian Switching platform with banking and eCommerce solutions for cooperative and other financial companies. The Indian switching platform. This customized in-house Switch will make life easier for all cooperative banks facing the ire of the Reserve Bank of India due to non-compliance and NPA. Our Switch will enable banks and small financial institutions to provide all banking and eCommerce transactions in complete compliance with the RBI guidelines.The Switch is a hybrid solution for both banking and eCommerce platforms.

If you happen to be an individual or a business, who has plans of revolutionizing the medical or the technological world with a great new idea and you are looking out for payment gateway providers to realize your business dream, then look no further than Golden Legand Leasing and Finance Ltd. We have a ‘Core Mission’ of helping businesses, as well as people, who have a vision of something new, something that would be of immense use to all of mankind, in the fields of medicine and technology. So, if you happen to be seeking an answer to your ecommerce needs and payment gateway solutions, you need not look further than us.
If you are an ecommerce vendor or you are a company or an individual who is planning to start your own business in the fields of technology or medicine, then chances are that you are planning on seeking payment gateway solutions for your business. As such, what you need to understand is that there are loads of payment gateway providers out there. But the big question for you is, are you sure that you can trust them? How do you know you are getting a payment gateway provider that is legitimate? Essentially, a payment gateway provider who is legitimate, would provide a software solution and this software would handle all the credit card payments for both traditional sellers, as well as for online sellers. As such, one of the biggest advantages of ecommerce is that the software for a payment gateway takes care of everything – both for the customer, as well as for the owner of the ecommerce business.
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