Golden Legand – A new age digital NBFC

Golden Legand Leasing & Finance Limited is a Mumbai based RBI affiliated NBFC listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, currently involved in digital lending and FinTech software development. We boast about ourselves as a modern technology company trying to find new solutions and provide FinTech based platform to the ever-growing Indian middle class. Our company is researching, developing, and is involved in complex technologies like Artificial Intelligence based financial solutions, AI-based Switching and Routing Solutions for e-commerce and banks, cross border AI based switching solutions, and global payment routing solutions. At GLLFL, we pride ourselves in providing platforms developed in the latest technologies like AI, Machine Language, and Java which also gives the customer freedom to avail solutions anywhere in the world as the platforms are entirely cloud-based.

The transition of GLLFL from a conventional lending NBFC to a modern technology provider took work. GLLFL changed hands in management in the year 2018, and a young and visionary group took over the company’s reins. With a paid-up capital of 14.87 cr. and net worth of 15 crores as of March 31, 2023, GLLFL took the first step towards change in its mission by applying for a PA/PG license as IT is slowly becoming the backbone of the Global economy. The management of GLLFL started Rapid advancements toward developing new Fintech-based platforms. Be it payment gateway solutions, Digital lending platforms, Debt restructuring apps, or AEPS-based platforms, GLLFL is now rapidly developing multifaceted payment solutions for all industries and all classes of the population. Our development Centre recruits and trains experienced and freshers regularly, thus rapidly increasing the skilled workforce of developers and engineers. We are incorporating technologies, compliances, and securities as per the industry, government, and RBI norms, regularly updated and upgraded by the agencies and the Ministry of Finance. Our platforms are PCI-DSS v3.2 secured, thus providing the most secure compliance for all digital transactions.